Day 2, Semester 2

Friday, February 4, 2011
Day 2, Semester 2

  1. Bell Work: As students walked in, I had a question waiting for them.
  2. Green Sheets: I asked students to fill in their Green Sheets with some administrative details: their name on the reverse side, upcoming dates, as well as a personal school goal to set for themselves this early in the semester.
  3. Letter to Self: I then had the students write a letter to themselves which they will open in May or June. In the letter I asked the students to write about 3 ideas: 1. what mark would they like to earning for themselves at that point as a goal; 2. what type of student would they like to have been (punctual, getting assignments in on time, etc.); and 3. is there another way that perhaps they have grown or changed as a person or student. The students then sealed up their envelopes and gave them to me. I will return them to them in May and we will compare their goals with reality.
  4. SURVEY: Students were then asked to complete any part of their surveys left undone.
  5. GET TO KNOW YOU — 4 CORNERS: I had the students first participate in a game called 4 Corners in which students are asked to stand at the corner of the room that best reflects their feeling in that moment.  (4 Corners)

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