Focus on: Traffic Light

Using Edward de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats to explain and explore the Traffic Lights system:

WHITE HAT ~ Facts: What is the Traffic Light system? What does it look like?

The different colours of the traffic light have different meanings:

  1. RED LIGHT means “I don’t understand. Can we go over this again?”;
  2. YELLOW LIGHT means “I think that I understand but I might need help doing it on my own.”;
  3. and GREEN LIGHT means”I understand and can do this on my own   “put up on the wall for reference

These are pictures of the Traffic Light system I use in my classroom and at the bottom is a mini poster I made myself.

Video of Traffic Lights used in a classroom from the Edugains website here.

Further posts about Traffic Light:

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3 responses to “Focus on: Traffic Light

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  2. Thank you for your traffic light wording. I am on my final prac and was trying to think how i could word the traffic lights strategy and found your blog – excellent, was exactly what i needed – thank you

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