Focus on: Balloon Games

This game is a variation on the Group Juggle game.

I have the students stand in a circle and I asked to plant one foot that couldn’t move, so they had to pivot on that foot. I then threw one balloon into the circle and instructed them that they had to keep the balloon from touching the ground. Fairly easy. I then, however, proceeded to toss in 4 or 5 more balloons. I have done this activity many times before and the students really enjoy it — even if they are tentative or reticent at first.

I used this game to continue our community building in our class and I also used it ‘honour’ the students’ learning profiles which indicated that there is a strong Kinesthetic learning style in this group of students.

*Note: I did have a few students choose to sit out and just watch the activity from the sidelines. In the mandatory reflection, I learned that one student said she thought she didn’t want to participate but after watching it she thinks she would like to participate next time.

Balloon Games at Wilderdom Games


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