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Ever since there was an internet, there’s been a desire for schools to have a website.  And, roughly a month after that, there were dated websites.  For many schools, having a website was something that was created and done.  Fini.  A volunteer goes to a workshop on Dreamweaver or Frontpage and then enthusiastically pulls together a webpage or, hopefully, a website for the school.  There might be an announcement of an upcoming basketball game or a fundraiser and it draws the educational community in to get the details.  Your website URL appears on the district’s directory, on school letterhead, on the sign outside the building, and anywhere you can post

As the basketball games or the fundraiser becomes a memory, for many schools, it still remains posted on the front page of the website.  Why?  Typically, webmaster is a volunteer job done with the very best of intentions.  But…

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