Video: The Power of Story

Just found this very cool short video via Twitter. Although it is aimed at the business community, it is very applicable to teaching and education.  Indeed, it is often those accidental story moments that a teacher or student shares that are magical and they are often referred to as ‘teachable moments’ — moments in the classroom that we didn’t plan for but they arise organically and as teachers we try to seize upon them and allow them to breathe a little before moving on.

What I like about this video and the idea behind it, is that teachers can deliberately re-format their teaching to include story or to frame the entire lesson by way of story.  As a teacher who gravitates towards anything that makes my teaching more powerful and engaging, I am also drawn to this video’s message which, to me, echoes the ideas behind differentiated instruction: deliberately deliver powerful learning using the most effective teaching strategies.

But the simplicity of Pull vs. Push is what really grabs me here.  So simple yet so powerful… A pessimist could argue that much of learning in schools today is sadly closer to Push than it is to Pull.

Here is the article that I found and below is the video:


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