Child of Dandelions: Framing the Text

Child of Dandelions continued:

Following Kelly Gallagher’s ideas, what can I do to frame the text so as to increase the chances of a successful reading of this text?

What questions do I have?

  1. Where is Uganda?
  2. Who was Idi Amin?
  3. Were there actually east Asian people living there? Were they expelled?

Where is Uganda?

From Creative Commons

From Creative Commons

Who is Idi Amin? Did the expulsion of Indian people from Uganda actually occur?

Short-sighted demagogue who played the race card: Idi Amin

Idi Amin – Creative Commons

expelled the Asians






For my students, to activate and provide some background knowledge, I might ask them:

  1. Can you remember a time when you were asked to leave an event or a place because of who you were (teenager, for example)? (I recall students telling me that they have been asked to leave a store in the mall simply because they are teens.  Beyond that, I must admit that I have never experienced expulsion because of who I am.)
  2. Can you think of a story, movie, song, TV show, video game that also shows someone being expelled?( I have read or consumed many stories of the Jews and the Holocaust, and how they were expelled from their homes — such as Schindler’s List. In Please Ignore Vera Dietz, the protagonist is ‘expelled’ from a circle of friends.)
  3. After reading the article, does this story remind of you another historical event? (The Holocaust)

Another way for me to frame the text is to look for a book trailer for Child of Dandelions:

Plus: there was a movie about Idi Amin with Forest Whitaker called The Last King of Scotland:


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