How to Eat Spaghetti Like a Lady: Life Magazine

Via @HuffingtonPost 

This might be an interesting text to use in a classroom for a possible read aloud or discussion provoker. Thematically, perhaps this article along with its images could be jumping off point for a discussion on men’s and women’s roles, manners, conformity, authority, or evolving social more, to name a few.

Indeed, wouldn’t it be interesting to use this article as an entry point into books about a dystopian future, such as Hunger Games, Uglies, or even 1984 or Brave New World, from that angle of conformity.

What might a Jeffrey Wilhelm-esque Essential Question look like? For example, he suggests “What makes good relationships and what screws up relationships?” as an essential question to frame Romeo and Juliet. So, perhaps, “Why do humans choose to conform to rules of behaviour? Can conformity go too far? How does forced conformity feel?” I wonder if the last part is too limiting…

How To Eat Spaghetti Like A Lady, According To A Vintage Issue Of Life Magazine


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