General Resources:

  1. Web Site:  Anne Davies’ Assessment FOR Learning
  2. Web Site: Assessment for Learning at Wikipedia

Assessment FOR Learning:

From Anne Davies’ Assessment FOR Learning web site:
Most people think of tests and exams that evaluate student learning as primary examples of assessment, but those are examples of assessment of learning. Assessment for learning, also known as classroom assessment, is different.

It is not used to evaluate learning but to help learners learn better. It does so by helping both students and teachers to see:

  • the learning goals and criteria
  • where each learner is in relation to the goals
  • where they need to go next
  • and ways to get there

Comparing “OF” and “FOR” Learning:

Assessment of Learning
Assessment for Learning
Checks what has been learned to date.
Checks learning to decide what to do next.
Is designed for those not directly involved in daily learning and teaching.
Is designed to assist teachers and students.
Is presented in a formal report.
Is used in responding to student work and in conversation.
Usually summarizes information into marks, scores or grades.
Usually detailed, specific, and descriptive feedback in words and in relation to criteria that has been set.
Usually compares the student’s learning with either other students or the ‘standard’ for a grade level.
Usually focused on improvement, compared with the student’s ‘previous best’ and progress toward a standard.
Does not need to involve the student.
Needs to involve the student (the person most able to improve the learning)

Assessment AS Learning:

  1. Strategies for Assessment AS Learning
  2. Peer / Self Assessment: Learning Should be Flexible

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