Clock Partners


Clock Partners (aka Learning Clocks, Clock Buddies, Round the Clock Partners, etc.) is an interesting structure that can be used to have students meeting with different students for different activities. As a community-building exercise, I have had the students choose their own partners and I tend to have students only choose about 3 partners total, but I have seen examples where the entire clock is filled in. It can be used for many purpose, but can be used handily for assessment by having these students explain a concept, for example, to their clock partner before having to fill in a exit card.

Below is a definition from Teaching Social Studies blog:

“In this strategy, students are given a blank clock face, and asked to “make appointments” with each other to fill up the hours, for up to twelve partners. I say “up to” as some teachers only assign even or odd numbers to make the number of partners more manageable…” From Teaching Social Studies blog

This post goes on to explain how to use Clock Partners in depth, including how to deliberately set up the clock to mix up abilities.


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