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Digital Differentiation: QR Codes

RT @pgsimoes Digital Differentiation – QR Codes on the iPad (@soxnevad) #elearning #edtech


EdWeek: Connection between Exit Exams and Prison?

Rick Wormeli: Gradebooks

My brain is always racing after watching Rick’s videos…

Opinion: Learning faster without teachers

College Readiness: Reading Critically | Edutopia

Salman Khan Describes Future Classrooms with Blended Learning

Interesting video from the mind behind the Khan Academy. Here he discusses how online learning is meant to mesh with — not replace — classroom learning. For me, this echoes Karen Hume’s discussion of balancing tradition with innovation. “Salman Khan Describes Future Classrooms with Blended Learning” on YouTube:

Tornado of Change in Education

An interesting post by Will Richardson (thought-provoking as usual) about the value of a college or university degree. He also points out and questions (as I am starting to) the assumption that university is the best / only / necessary path to take after high school.