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Infographic: Facebook and Students: Should You Friend Your Students?

On Pinterest, I added a note that social media is both a boon to teaching but also a Pandora’s box. In other words, (and I was having this conversation just yesterday) used properly, social media can be a very powerful too for teaching plus it is the future, but, used recklessly and / or with a level of ‘blissful ignorance’ is not simply dangerous but it is the proverbial ‘playing with fire’. And the worst case scenario is it can lead to professional suicide. As a teacher of media studies, I have had the opportunity to accompany students as they research the good and bad of Facebook and social media. Aside from the extreme crimes that have occurred, for me the true social media ‘boogey-man’ is the loss of privacy and the collection of personal data. I now use social media for professional purposes mostly and have scaled back my personal social media footprint enormously, almost curtailing entirely. I don’t let my young kids play with knives until they ‘know better’; perhaps we shouldn’t let teachers play with social media until… 🙂