From Classical Comics

My take:

As a reader reviewer states below, this is a great introduction to the Mary Shelley’s powerful novel.  I hadn’t read Frankenstein since university so this was a quick way to reacquaint myself with this harrowing tragedy. For students who are not a fan of the literature of this time period and that particular writing style, this is an engaging way for a student to get drawn into this gripping tale of terrible ambition begetting terrible loss.

  • SBN-13: 9781906332501
  • Publisher: Classical Comics
  • Publication date: 1/6/2009
  • Pages: 144
  • Age range: 9 years

Publisher’s Summary:

“True to the original novel (rather than the square-headed Boris Karloff image
from the films!) Declan’s naturally gothic artistic style is a perfect match for this epic tale. Frankenstein is such a well known title, yet the films strayed so far beyond the original novel that many people today don’t realise how this classic
horror tale deals with such timeless subjects as alienation, empathy and understanding beyond appearance. Another great story, beautifully crafted into a superb graphic novel.”


Web site:


Reader review: “This graphic novel is an excellent introduction to the story of Frankenstein.” —  Read more @ Library Thing



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