I aspire to include copies of strategies and structures I am using this year, or links to where they might be found:

Learning Skills (by Dr. Jamie Pyper):

  1. Learning Skills & Work Habits 2010 Master List 2
  2. Collaboration
  3. Independent Work
  4. Initiative
  5. Organization
  6. Responsibility
  7. Self Regulation v2
  8. Tracking Sheet: tracking sheet 2010
  9. Another Master List: Learning Skills & Work Habits 2010 Master List 2
  10. Dr. Pyper’s Article explaining Tracking Sheets: Tracking sheet article

Learning Clocks:

  1. Learning Clocks / Baseball Diamonds / Map of States
  2. Learning Clocks Sheet on PowerPoint
  3. Learning Clocks pdf
  4. Learning Clock discussion

Exit Cards:

  1. Exit Cards

Learning Logs:

  1. Learning Logs

Six Thinking Hats:

  1. Edward DeBono’s Six Thinking Hats
  2. Six Thinking Hats: Looking at  a Decision from all Points of View


  1. This site calls it “Four Box Synectics”
  2. Synectics
  3. A longer step-by-step explanation of Synectics and how a teacher uses it in her class
  4. A site with a pdf explanation on Synectics

Assessment AS Learning:

  1. Strategies for Assessment AS Learning in pdf
  2. Learning and Teaching should be flexible: Peer and Self Assessment Includes Traffic Light

Bloom’s Taxonomy:

  1. Question starters for creating Bloom’s Taxonomy questions
  2. A Visual of Bloom’s Taxonomy with Web 2.0 Tools listed

Learning Profile / Student Inventories:

  1. Learning Profile Booklet

4 responses to “Strategies/Structures

  1. Jot Thoughts – A nifty brainstorm activity for the visual & kinesthetic learner.

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