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Video: 21st Century Learning?!?!


Essential Anthology of 21st Century Education Blogs

Courtesy of TeachPaperless:


A colleague recently asked me what I considered the most important writing from 21st century education blogs. I started to respond, but then cut myself off. I did so because I really don’t think that question can be answered by a single person. So, I’m asking you to help.

Let’s crowdsource our own anthology of the most essential writing of 21C education blogs.

I’d like you to …


Ed. Post: “Social media find place in classroom”

“The principal of New Milford (N.J.) High School has nearly 12,300 Twitter followers (his handle: @NMHS_Principal). He and his teachers use Facebook to…” Read more. Social media find place in classroom


VIDEO: 21st Century Education in New Brunswick, Canada

The video itself is rather interesting raising lots of thought-provoking points, but if you visit the video at YouTube, there are some really interesting comments people have posted, from both supporters and nay-sayers. 🙂