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Tornado of Change in Education

An interesting post by Will Richardson (thought-provoking as usual) about the value of a college or university degree. He also points out and questions (as I am starting to) the assumption that university is the best / only / necessary path to take after high school. http://willrichardson.com/post/36888521605


19 Bold Ideas for Change (in Education)

I have been following Will Richardson by reading his articles or his tweets for a few years now and he never fails to

Who is Will Richardson? He is “an outspoken advocate for change in schools and classrooms in the context of the diverse new learning opportunities that the Web and other technologies now offer.” www.willrichardson.com

Here is a quick 5 minute presentation he gave recently. (The slide titles are below.)

  1. Give open network tests — not open book tests.
  2. Roll Your Own Textbooks.
  3. Be Googled Well.
  4. Flip the Power Switch.
  5. Change the World. — Broaden scope of lessons
  6. Don’t “Do Your Own Work.”
  7. Learn First. Teach Second.
  8. No More Workshops for Teachers.
  9. Share Everything.
  10. Ask Questions You Don’t Know the Answers To.
  11. Repeat after me: “I want to be found by strangers on the Internet.”
  12. Unlearn. Relearn.
  13. Resume. Shemesume.
  14. Stop Googling. Get a Network.
  15. Go Free and Open Source.
  16. Create an “Uncommon Core.”
  17. Don’t Deliver… Discover.
  18. Disrupt the System.
  19. SCREAM!

iste-presentation from Will Richardson on Vimeo.

Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world

Eddie Obeng speaks very quickly and covers a lot of concepts in a short amount of time, but, ultimately, his idea of “smart failure” and thinking about the real world grossly outpacing the culture of learning is very relevant, I think, to the world of teaching. Which world are we preparing students for: yesterday’s world, today’s or the future world, the one in which they will live?

And I love the idea of “smart failure”, where failure is a powerful learning experience, which connects, for me, back to Rick Wormeli’s video about Redos and Do-Overs.

Eddie Obeng: Smart failure for a fast-changing world


Focus On: Changing a Unit — Part 1

I have decided to challenge myself and change a unit that I have taught, aside from minor improvements and variations, the same way for about (gulp) 10 years. How have I taught this unit in the past? In the past, … Continue reading