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Teachers Should Use Social Networks to Inform, Not Socialize

By Brad Boeker | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Thu, Jan 26, 2012

“On the question of students, teachers, and social networking, CNN’s Schools of Thought blog posed this question on Jan. 20: Do you think there are more benefits or downsides to this kind ofcommunication?

As a public high school teacher, it’s a question I have pondered often. How do schools make sure communication between students and teachers stays
appropriate without placing outright bans on many useful, instant forms of communication? I think the answer lies in identifying the purpose of the communication and defining the word social in social networking.

 The easy approach would be for school boards to ban…”


Mobile devices have positive impact on education, survey says

By   of zdent.com| January 26, 2012, 9:30am PST

“Electronic devices have the strong potential to distract students (and employees, for that matter) from getting work done, whether it involves gaming, browsing the web, or watching videos.

But a new survey from Poll Position found that nearly half of American adults (47 percent) think that gadgets (mobile devices, in particular, as cited in the survey, such as e-readers, tablets and smartphones) have more of a positive impact upon the education of youth in America.

Tablets, in particular, have been found to serve a useful purpose here, whether it be learning games for younger kids or now the pending revolution of the textbook market. (Not to mentionit’s a lot easier to carry around a single tablet than a ton of heavy schoolbooks.)

E-readers certainly have a place still for students in…”


Let’s Transform Education – #Trans4mEd

A really nifty video:

Online Collaborative Debate graphic by Jesse Gentile

Ed. Post: “Social media find place in classroom”

“The principal of New Milford (N.J.) High School has nearly 12,300 Twitter followers (his handle: @NMHS_Principal). He and his teachers use Facebook to…” Read more. Social media find place in classroom

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Can you really use Twitter in your Classroom?



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