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Laptop Spying to Combat Digital Distraction?

I stumbled upon this article this morning, which is another interesting piece to add to the puzzle of the role of digital devices in the classroom and the articles I posted yesterday.

By Louise Brown of the Toronto Star:

York University prof enlists student snitches to battle digital distraction

When professor Henry Kim noticed a student this week paying more attention to his laptop than the class discussion, he asked another student to check out the suspect’s screen.



The business professor at York University’s Schulich School of Business quietly asked the tweeter to leave for the rest of the 90-minute class for breaking the pledge his students must take not to use laptops for anything but class work.

And it meant using another new pledge this frustrated teacher had students take this fall; to spy on a classmate’s screen, if asked, and report truthfully what they see.

By recruiting this new breed of screen snitches, Kim hopes to make digital distraction so socially awkward that students will close forbidden windows — Facebook, email, Sikh field hockey matches — and plug into class…





Infographic: Facebook and Students: Should You Friend Your Students?

On Pinterest, I added a note that social media is both a boon to teaching but also a Pandora’s box. In other words, (and I was having this conversation just yesterday) used properly, social media can be a very powerful too for teaching plus it is the future, but, used recklessly and / or with a level of ‘blissful ignorance’ is not simply dangerous but it is the proverbial ‘playing with fire’. And the worst case scenario is it can lead to professional suicide. As a teacher of media studies, I have had the opportunity to accompany students as they research the good and bad of Facebook and social media. Aside from the extreme crimes that have occurred, for me the true social media ‘boogey-man’ is the loss of privacy and the collection of personal data. I now use social media for professional purposes mostly and have scaled back my personal social media footprint enormously, almost curtailing entirely. I don’t let my young kids play with knives until they ‘know better’; perhaps we shouldn’t let teachers play with social media until… 🙂

Teachers Should Use Social Networks to Inform, Not Socialize

By Brad Boeker | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Thu, Jan 26, 2012

“On the question of students, teachers, and social networking, CNN’s Schools of Thought blog posed this question on Jan. 20: Do you think there are more benefits or downsides to this kind ofcommunication?

As a public high school teacher, it’s a question I have pondered often. How do schools make sure communication between students and teachers stays
appropriate without placing outright bans on many useful, instant forms of communication? I think the answer lies in identifying the purpose of the communication and defining the word social in social networking.

 The easy approach would be for school boards to ban…”

Most Parents Monitor Kids on Facebook — And Have Their Passwords [INFOGRAPHIC]

Samantha Murphy1 hour ago by  of MASHABLE.COM

“If you think parents are keeping tabs on their kids’ Facebook profile pages and pictures, you’re absolutely right.

According to a new infographic released by market research firm Lab42, parents are keeping a watchful eye on their child via Facebook, with many checking out their pages daily (43%).

The study — which was conducted among 500 social media users – found that 92% of parents are Facebook friends with their children (of all ages) and more are turning to the site to monitor their kids’ interactions. Safety was named as the…”

Facebook Parents Infographic

Ed. Post: “Social media find place in classroom”

“The principal of New Milford (N.J.) High School has nearly 12,300 Twitter followers (his handle: @NMHS_Principal). He and his teachers use Facebook to…” Read more. Social media find place in classroom