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First Day Slide Show

This is a PDF version of this year’s first day slide show that I will show to all of my classes:


I am attempting to, from the very first minute, create a culture in my room of the following ideas or philosophies:

  • Everyone can be successful.
  • Effort is the key determiner of success (more than ‘talent’).
  • Everyone is welcome here.
  • Learning happens in an emotionally safe environment, so this is something well work on everyday.
  • Feedback (ongoing assessment) will happen all the time in this class to increase communication to help us create the best conditions for your success.
  • Teamwork is an incredibly powerful tool for increasing the likelihood of success, so we will be working with others often.
  • What is your idea of a ‘great classroom’? What does a ‘good teacher’ do? What does a ‘good student’ do?




Day 1, Semester 2

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Focus On: Planning for Day 1 of Semester 2, 2011

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Focus On: Learning Clocks

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