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Focus On: Learner Profiles

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  Link to Strategies / Structures page that has a pdf of the Learning Profiles booklet. Advertisements


Focus on: Balloon Games

This game is a variation on the Group Juggle game. I have the students stand in a circle and I asked to plant one foot that couldn’t move, so they had to pivot on that foot. I then threw one … Continue reading


Moving Paper Around…?

Throughout the last few months, since September, I have been ‘re-imagining’ or re-thinking how I would deliver some lessons both new and old. To be specific, as I was lesson planning, I tried to deliberately think of ways that I … Continue reading


Artifact Box

One idea that has really struck me from both Judith Dodge’s Differentiation in Action and from watching Narda Robbins’ Learning Classroom last year (her incredible blog can be found here) was the idea of an Artifact Box.  Officially, an artifact … Continue reading