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Edutopia: Reinventing a Public High School with Problem-Based Learning

Really interesting video. I really like the summit based on a real-life issue.  I wish one of the teachers would post the mechanics of setting up and implementing what appears to be a very engaging activity for a wide swath of students. Plus, I would want to think through how this activity was evaluated for individual marks and not for catch-all group marks.


From Discipline Problems to Problem-Based Teaching and Learning. « Illinois 21

A very interesting blog about PBL. http://ilc21.org/from-discipline-problems-to-problem-based-teaching-and-learning/

Illinois 21: PBL in the 21st Century School

Stumbled upon this resource page using my Google Blog Reader. Looks amazing. I look forward to digging into it, with such topics as:

What is Project-Based Learning in 21st Century Schools?

What is unique about Project-Based Learning for the 21st Century? 

Here is the original and I included it here in my PBL resources.

P.B.L.: Can I do it?

I just created a page here on Project-Based Learning because I want to know more about it. Why? I have been given an amazing opportunity to work in a high school with a fascinating diversity of cultures, abilities, interests and learning styles.

Not to overstate things, but I feel a little like all of the mind-blowing professional development that I have had a chance to learn from might all come in to play in this unique and rich learning environment. Indeed, with such differences simply part of the culture at WSS, it would appear that differentiation is really a necessity not just a interesting, once-in-a-while activity.

And as I have circled around PBL for the past year or so, my ‘Spidey Sense’ has been tingling as I wonder if PBL is something that might be a great fit as a tool for accommodating and harnessing all of this wonderful diversity.