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Teachers Should Use Social Networks to Inform, Not Socialize

By Brad Boeker | Yahoo! Contributor Network – Thu, Jan 26, 2012

“On the question of students, teachers, and social networking, CNN’s Schools of Thought blog posed this question on Jan. 20: Do you think there are more benefits or downsides to this kind ofcommunication?

As a public high school teacher, it’s a question I have pondered often. How do schools make sure communication between students and teachers stays
appropriate without placing outright bans on many useful, instant forms of communication? I think the answer lies in identifying the purpose of the communication and defining the word social in social networking.

 The easy approach would be for school boards to ban…”


Students Want Social Media in Schools

NY Times: Leverage Social Media

Leverage Social Media

Eric Sheninger

Eric Sheninger is the principal of New Milford High School in New Jersey.

JANUARY 3, 2012

“Social media is bad and has no place in education. It is a distraction to the teaching and learning process. If students are allowed to use social media in school they will stay off tasks or exhibit inappropriate behavior. Worse, teachers will spend countless hours “socializing” instead of educating.

Oh, wait. That’s the conventional wisdom — and it turns out to be…”

When Traditional Policy Goes Bad: Teen Social Use of Mobile Devices in High Schools

  Digital Media and Learning Research Hub

By ANTERO GARCIA January 3, 2012 – 10:39am

Teen Social Use of Mobile Devices in High Schools Blog Image

“… if you think about what kinds of things students are doing on their phones while sitting in my classroom and pretending to read a book or search for something in their backpack. Students spend much of their mobile media use in classes to socialize with each other, update each other on the latest chisme, and discuss meeting places and upcoming activities. With all of this organizing, planning and chatting in place, teens don’t intend to waste…”




Edudemic: Why Students Like Social Media But Schools Don’t

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 10:30 am
Posted by  of Edudemic

Social media is here to stay. Students love it. Teachers love it. But there’s a disconnect in there somewhere.

According to a report from ASCD, students are eager to use the latest social media in order to communicate, collaborate, and enhance their learning. But schools have a few big concerns that has led to many students not having adequate access to social media. Schools worry that social media will lead to bullying, it’s hard to monitor what’s happening, and some still view it as a distraction. These concerns are increasingly falling by the wayside as it’s becoming abundantly clear that social media needs to properly integrated into education. It can’t be ignored or, worse, banned from schools.

The below infographic details some of the biggest details from the report and shows what we already know: students and teachers like social media but administrators are concerned (for now).

Does your school ban social media? Does it block Facebook and Twitter? Do students turn to their smartphones if this is the case? How many schools actually embrace social media and actively try to use it in the classroom?


Social Media is a Reflection of One’s Social Skills

by DAVID SIMONS on SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 @ http://soshable.com

Social Skills

“As the Digital Media Manager for TerraCycle I have come to realize a very important truth. This truth is that social media is a reflection of one’s social skills. Whether your social media is for a company, a non-profit, or for personal use, the way it’s delivered is in direct proportion to ones social skills or what I like to call “Social IQ”.

Have you noticed that there are certain people who are brilliant and may be able to answer complicated math problems in their head, but cannot understand how to relate to a friend, co-worker, or family member. Why does this happen? It’s because …”



Text messaging: a lecture hall epidemic?

Research suggests only a small fraction of students refrain from texting in class

By Dennis Carter, Assistant Editor

College students say their professors would be “shocked” to know just how often they send text messages during lectures, and one researcher has offered a simple and stringent solution: Give failing grades to text-happy students.

Nine in 10 students said in a Wilkes Universitystudy released this month that they have sent and received texts during class, although a much smaller portion of students believe … READ MORE.